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We are not just great at general pest control in Fresno; we also take pride in having some of the best Fresno bed bug exterminators around. Recently, we’ve watched a large rise in the number of bed bug problems in the Fresno, California area. It is unknown as to why there’s a surge of bed bugs in Fresno, but we feel it can easily be due to the increased trading of used items and belongings and also the close proximity of living quarters.


bed bug control for fresno

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The thought of bed bugs in your house is likely to strike fear in you. Bed bugs will make their presence known in such a way that makes it impossible to forget they are there. Bed bugs will feed on your blood while you are asleep. They do this by piercing your skin with a stylet (which is basically, a long part of its mouth). It needs this stylet, that has small teeth, to saw through your tissue in order to find blood vessels. The bed bug will then suck the blood of the human for five to 10 minutes before returning to its hiding place. While it feeds, the bed bug injects its saliva into the human, which causes aggravation and irritation.


It’s not unusual to not notice the bed bugs themselves. Bed bugs will hide out in small crevices, like the seams of your mattresses, and only emerge at night. In most cases, people don’t know they have a bed bug problem until they have been attacked during sleep. Another way to determine bed bugs, other than having a lot of bite marks, is to notice blood or fecal spots on your bed sheets. When you have a bed bug problem you shouldn’t even think about sleeping in your home.


If you awaken with bite marks, think you saw a bed bug, or you have blood or fecal spots on your bed sheets, you should call our Fresno bed bug experts at 559-257-4190 immediately! If you would like the most effective bed bugs solution in Fresno, then you should call to get pest control in Fresno today!

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